Welcome to 3DNEARME community! Our mission is to provide one-stop-shop ecosystem for 3D printing community. Our concept is “DESIGN. PRINT. SELL” and we believe that you can express yourself in the world of 3d printing in one or each one of these statements. 

DESIGN – being creative even if you’re not

 Do you have an idea? A vision? Are you a kickstarter, inventor or entrepreneur? The one who will create the next iPhone? Next ….? Or are you just want to give your girlfriend unique jewelry present?

 Well, you don’t have to know how to design for 3D printing, our community designers could help you with this and create a perfect model for your product.

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PRINT - touch the idea 



SELL / BUY - local or global

Our marketplace is the ultimate space for creative people and industry pioneers! You can buy 3d printed items, shop for product models or even became 3d printer owner by buying brand new 3d printer and printer supplies.

 Designers, tech geeks, manufacturers etc. could sell and buy stuff on our marketplace. Global or local, colorful, flexible, brand new marketplace!

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ON our site you will be able to by unique 3d printers and the filaments that they need to work. You will also be able to order the different products that you will need to make jewelry, human body modeling, any type of technical products and you will be able to find a 3d printer programmer professional who will be more than happy to do your creating for you and even print your design.


The 3DNEARME community will allow you to see who is using the products around you and give you place to share your knowledge with other people who are using this type of product prototyping.

The website will allow people to choose if they want to provide others with professional services and get paid for it, or you can simply just hang out on the site. Not only are we looking for professionals to help make 3d designs but they want to want to find people who are creative to join the site and offer their prototyping expertise. However, this sit is not just for the experts but we will also welcome the young bloods, the people who are just starting out.

The actions you will need to do when you first get on the site is to list your printer then join or login with your user name and pass word. You will need to be a registered member of the site to be able to use it and be able to talk with the other people that are on the site. Then if you want, you will be able to buy the items that you need for your printer from the market place. The item’s the market place includes is the 3d printers and filaments. Now you are ready to get orders if you will be providing expert services to others on the site. Lastly you will be able to locate your printer and find the nearest 3d printer near you.

The main goal of our site is to make sure we are a respectful community and help each other in the 3d printing area.